Last updated May 5, 2020

  1. From the navigation bar, select  Selling > Invoices.

2. Clicked in the Search box in the top-left corner. 

This reveals a number of ways you can search your invoices as seen in the screenshot below.

Customer - Choose from your customer list. Was the invoice for a specific customer or walk-in?

Invoice Was Made Between - Choose a date range to narrow your search.

Invoice Total Between - Choose a range in the amount to narrow your search. This is the invoice total amount, inclusive of tax.

Invoice is Posted: Selections include Yes, No, and Unknown. Unknown covers both posted and unposted invoices. Posted invoices are invoices that are saved and inventory is removed from your store. All invoices created at the POS are automatically posted.

Payment Method Used - Narrow your search by any payment method including credit cards, cash, debit, and points redemptions.

Payment Status - Selections include Any, Paid, Unpaid, or Partially Paid. Partially paid invoices have at least one payment on them, but the balance remaining is still greater than 0.

User - The salesperson who made the sale.

Invoice Number - If known

System - Which till did the invoice occur on?

Shift - Which shift did the invoice occur in if known

Negative Payments - Choices include Yes, No or Unknown.

Multiple Payments - Choices include Yes, No or Unknown.

From Customer Order - Any, Orders Only, Non-Order

Invoice Contains Product - Invoices that contain a certain product code

Gift Card # - Find an Invoice that was paid with a specific gift card. Note Mus be a Gift Card that was purchased through the GlobalTill POS. Uploaded gift cards or gift cards from an external system are not searchable

4. Select Submit and review your results. Large result sets will be displayed over several pages.

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