Last updated January 21, 2019

  1. From the side navigation, select Selling > Invoices.

2. Select the Wrench icon and choose New Invoice.

3. Select where the Inventory is coming from (usually Main for stores that do not have multiple locations).

4. Select the User (who is creating the invoice).

5. Select the Customer.

6. Choose Submit.

7. Select the products by clicking within the Product column and typing either the product description or the SKU.

6. Edit Qty and Price as necessary.

7. When finished adding products, return to the Wrench and select Done.

Review the invoice for accuracy before saving it.

8. Select Actions > Save.

9. Select Save Invoice and choose whether to Email Invoice to the Customer Email. By default, the customer email field is populated using emails from the customers account.

Note: Invoices are only counted in reports if they are saved. If you leave them as a draft they are not. These invoices created in the backend are never shown on the reports that you print at the POS.

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