Last updated June 28, 2018

Do you have customers you want to offer purchases on a store account? 

To accomplish this in GlobalTill:

  1. From the side navigation, select Customers > List.

2. Select the customer you wish to offer an account by selecting the View Customer button.

3. Select Actions > Edit Customer (if this is an existing customer).

4. Select the Billing & Pricing tab.

5. Enter the Credit Limit. This is the maximum amount in dollars the customer can purchase on account. It must be a number greater than 0.

6. Enter the Default Terms. This is the number of days a customer have to pay the invoice in full. This number must be 1 or greater.

7. Once the customer is set up, the Charge To Account Button  will show up as an available payment method on the POS when that customer has been selected.

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