Last updated July 5, 2018

Perhaps you have an on-account customer who wants a single charge for all of their outstanding invoices.  How would you charge that total and apply the credit to more than one invoice in  GlobalTill?

  1. From the side-navigation, select  Customers > List.

2. View the Customer.

In the example below, you can an on-account, wholesale customer who has a total outstanding balance on 4 invoices.

From the POS perform the following:

First, Turn Off the POS Setting: Auto Complete Invoices.  It is located on the Basic Tab.

You will need to turn this setting on once you have finished entering the credit into the POS.

1. Select the Customer on the cash register.

2. Press Checkout.

3. Select Actions > Pay Specific Amount.

4. Enter in the total from the statement. Confirm the invoice was authorized, and select Charge To Account.

5. Remember, Turn ON the POS Setting: Auto Complete Invoices on the Basic Tab once you are finished. 

Now, follow these steps to in the backend of GlobalTill:

  1. From the side navigation, select Selling > Invoices.

2. You will note the invoice that has been created with the credit balance (the negative balance, which shows money over paid or owed the customer).

3. View this invoice.

4. Select Issue Credit. This applies the credit to  them but leaves it in an open state. Now you must go and apply the credit to their invoices.

Then apply the credit to cover the outstanding invoices.

1. From the side navigation bar, select  Customer > List. View the customer. You will notice that there is still a outstanding balance until the credit is applied. 

You can have a choice to apply the credit to each invoice manually by following the steps below.

2. View each outstanding invoice.

3. Press Apply Credit

4. Apply the credit from their account and bring each invoice down to 0.

However, if the outstanding balance equals the total of all their outstanding invoices, you can move to the Advanced tab and select Post Credits to Outstanding Invoices.

This will automatically clear out all of the credit balances.

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