Last updated on March 7, 2019

How can I tell is my debit terminal is being used in semi-integrated mode?

Your store admin should know, but if not, he or she can double check whether your store uses the debit terminal in semi-integrated mode by checking  the POS Settings.

Under the Debit Term settings check to see if the store's Payment Provider (Moneris, Global Payments, Chase, or First Data) is on and if the Terminal Connection is set and accurate. 

If both are true, the debit terminal operates in semi-integrated mode.

What does semi integrated mode mean?

When you are using semi-integrated mode, you only need to select the Card button when checking a customer out at the POS.

Through an Internet connection, the Card button automatically sends the amount owing as well as the type of card being used (whether Visa, Mastercard or debit card etc,) to the debit terminal. 

In turn, the debit  terminal sends the approval message back from the payment provider to the POS and your POS automatically completes the transaction. 

When your debit terminal is not in semi-integrated mode, the process is more manual.  

In this case, the sales person must select Show More and then choose the card being used. 

The transaction must be completed manually on both GlobalTill and at the terminal because no data is being transmitted wirelessly.

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