Follow these steps.

Shift Sessions are recorded when the salesperson cashes in and out at the POS.

  1. Select Selling > Shift Sessions

2. Sort the ID by clicking the up-and-down Arrow icon. This will bring up the most recent shifts first.

3. Select the Shift ID you want to view.

4. The Shift Session includes details such as:

  • System or the POS the shift occurred on
  • Start Time and End Time of the shift
  • Starting User and Ending User at the POS
  • Safe Drops

5. For each Payment Method, you can see the Start, Expected, and End and Variance amounts. As you process sales at the POS, the amounts will update in Shift Sessions until the Shift is Ended.

6. Select the Edit button to edit a shift.

7. After selecting edit, you can correct the Ending Value. This is used for tracking variances for each method.

8. You can also add any Notes to the Shift.

9. To add a Safe Drop, select Add Safe Drop.

10. Select Finalize to mark verification of the end of a shift (optional). This is used as a signal that a shift has been validated and can be exported (to an accounting package, for example).

11. You currently cannot edit the opening till amount from Shift sessions. Contact if you need to change this amount. Or if discovered right away, cash out and cash in with the correct opening till amount.

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