Last updated November 6, 2019.


  1. Select Selling > Safe Management

2. Select the Safe you need to manage.

3. Safe Management offers you the current balance in the selected safe.

4. You can search safe drops by Date, by Type, Amount, Deposit Reference Number, User, and Notes.

5. You can Copy or Print the safe drops. You can also export them to an Excel or CSV file.

6. To manually add funds, select Actions > Manually Add/Remove Funds.

7. Enter the amount and any notes. Select Submit.

8. To remove funds, select Actions > Manually Add/Remove Funds. But enter the amount you are removing by entering a negative number.

9. To enter a Safe Count, select Actions > Count Safe.

10. Enter the Amount counted.

11. If you safe is over/short, write a Note explaining what happened.

12. To make a bank deposit, select Actions > Bank Deposit.

13. Enter the Amount, Notes, the Deposit Reference Number.

14. Select Submit.

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