Offering a discount off the entire invoice is a manager-only function unless the store allows for a Maximum Salesperson Discount in POS Settings.

By default, this option is restricted to managers only. However, if you’d like salespeople to be able to perform a discount off an entire invoice, read about the settings to change below.


Manager Functionality 

  1. Log in using a manager account or use the Manager Override.

2. Select Actions > Other Discount to offer a discount off the entire invoice.


3. Choose whether the discount is a dollar discount or a percent discount.


4. Using the keypad, enter the discount and press Enter.


5. The discount will appear under Discounts at the bottom of the invoice.


Enabling a Salesperson Discount

If you wish to allow your salesperson to discount up to a certain percentage off the entire invoice, you need to have Maximum Salesperson Discount enabled in the POS Settings. 

  1. GlobalTill Administrator can enter both the percentage and dollar discount in the POS Settings at Settings > POS tab. 

2. If the Maximum Salesperson Discount (Percentage) is entered, salespeople will have the ability to offer a percentage discount off the entire invoice up to the allowed percentage by following these steps.


  1. Selecting Actions > Other Discount 

2. Selecting Discount %.

3. Enter the percentage and select Enter.

4. Salespeople will only be allowed to enter a percentage up to what is allowed in the POS Settings. If the amount is greater, a manager override will need to be performed.


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