Last updated November 13, 2019

Learn how to enable and use points-based discounting


Points-based discounting allows a fixed discount for a specified number of points earned. For example, if you set the points needed to 500 and the discount percentage to 10%, then for every 500 points, a discount of 10% will be available to the customer. 

Enabling Points-Based Discounting in POS Settings

Points-based discounting needs to be enabled in the POS Settings. GlobalTill Administrator should go to Settings > Payment > Points Bases Discount.

Fill in the Points Needed and Discount Percentage

Note: This completely removes the ability to pay with points from the payment screen.

Using Points-Based Discounting at the POS

  1. Scan in the products and choose the customer.
  2. With points-based discounting, use the Redeem Points button to take the percentage discount. When the customer meets the required number of points, the discount will be enabled. 

Note: If you have chosen points-based discounting, using loyalty points as a payment method will no longer be an option.


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