Does your store need price-embedded bar codes? Do you have barcodes that require special characters?


Custom Price Embedded Barcode Format

Stores requiring price embedded barcodes (for example, products whose price changes based on weight) can set up the barcode specifications in GlobalTill through POS settings.  

  1. GlobalTill administrators can go to Settings > POS

2. Customize under Custom Price Embedded Barcode Format.

Allow Non-Alphanumeric Barcodes

If your product barcodes include non-alpha number characters such as dashes, GlobalTill administrators should go to Settings > POS and enable Non Alphanumeric Barcodes.

Allow Stacked Barcode


This setting is primarily related to regulated industries such as cannabis.

The GS1 Expanded DataBar and Expanded Stacked DataBar symbologies. The Expanded DataBars will contain (in this order): GTIN (AI- 01), Expiry Date (AI- 17) OR 500723 if no expiry date, LOT (AI- 10).

In essence, this setting takes out" the UPC code when it is turned on so you can scan these barcodes at the POS as if they were any regular consumer items with a UPC-like barcode.


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